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Graphic Designing Training

Love to make visually rich graphics but don’t know how to? Join Extreme Media’s graphic designing training in Trivandrum. We teach you how to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel DRAW to create stunning images and collages that can be used to sell on your website or to brand a website. Learn how to brand a business using colors, typography, logos and filters. Make your blog or website rich with visual graphics and photos. Make every customer get a lasting impression from your website. Join our graphic designing course in Trivandrum. Call Extreme Media, Trivandrum at +91 9995109573 or email at We are happy to give you any info on this course.

Graphic Designing Training in Trivandrum

We provide professional training in graphic designing based out of Trivandrum. You can experience the hands on experience in the Adobe tools like Photoshop & Illustrator for Logo Designing , Leaflet & Brochure Designing , Designing Social Media Posts and Posters, Creative Designs and mock up for Websites etc.. Also we provide part time job for graphic designers in Trivandrum having excellent creative skills across the designing tools .  Our Graphic Designing Training Courses has been developed in align with the creative career development of candidates who are having ambition to build up the career in graphic designing and branding.  We are focusing on Internship in Graphic Designing for our students. Since we have the customer projects for professional branding & advertising, our Graphic Designing Interns will get more exposure and industrial experience over the latest creative trends and info-graphics. Hence the Job Opportunity is high comparing to the other traditional graphic designing courses in trivandrum.

Along with the Graphic Designing training in Trivandrum, we offer basic Digital Marketing Training in Trivandrum. We provide basics of Digital Marketing Training to our Graphic Designing Interns free of cost which could have enrich your career with an additional skill set.

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